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Make each day count by putting yourself first.

Healing starts here.

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Let's empower you to make decisions that are right for you.

You've been there for everyone else, now it's time to be there for you and get your goals.

Our mission is to give you the tools, accountability and support to get you all the things you want in life-- money, power, respect AND all the shit you actually need-- peace, love, & joy.

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From Uncertainty to Empowerment:

Elizabeth's Self Acceptance

A GWTS coaching program graduate shared how Britteny and her team fostered a sense of community and support. Through weekly calls and a private online community, she connected with like-minded individuals and broke through limiting beliefs. With Britteny's guidance, she unlocked her full potential.

Say Good-bye to People Pleasing...

Give Yourself Permission to Thrive

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BaeFriend, If You are not obsessed with your life, change it.

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Transform Your Mindset & Embrace Your Worthiness

Any story we tell ourselves becomes our reality because our brains want to be right.

But what if that story is holding us back from living our best lives?

I hope you are ready to break free from the negative stories and embrace your worthiness.

Together, we'll work on transforming your mindset and cultivating a sense of self-love and empowerment.

Say it with me: 'I am worthy of support, and I am well-loved and supported.'

Let's take the first step towards your transformation today

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Chelsea Finds Empowerment and a Sense of Accomplishment with The Shi(f)t!

Chelsea recently completed our coaching program and had some incredible insights to share about her experience. Through the program, Chelsea was able to develop a sense of accomplishment by showing up for herself, doing the work, and learning how to be vulnerable to grow stronger as a woman. She explains that the program helped her unlock a new level of confidence and empowered her to take control of her life. In this testimonial, Chelsea shares her journey of growth and transformation, and how the program helped her achieve a newfound sense of accomplishment and empowerment.

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Turn Your World Upside Down

in the most fantastic way

Picture this: You're out there taking risks, pushing boundaries, and living your best life without second-guessing your every move. Now that's the kind of disruption we're talking about!

Confidence gives you the courage to challenge the status quo and rewrite your own rules, girl. And who doesn't want that

But wait, there's more.

Confidence is like the secret sauce that makes everything taste better. It adds flavor to your life, making it more enjoyable and, let's be real, a little bit spicy! The world becomes your playground when you step out of your comfort zone and start believing in yourself.

So, let's get you feeling like the powerhouse you are. Get ready to shake things up and change your life for the better with a healthy dose of confidence. Trust us, you won't regret it.

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Get ready for change to happen.

Chelsea Found Her Tribe and Unlocked Her True Self

Chelsea recently completed our coaching program and rated the community aspect as a 10 out of 10. She found the support beautiful and transformative, connecting with like-minded individuals who helped her uncover her true self. Through the program's community, Chelsea was able to find her tribe and achieve her wildest dreams. In this testimonial, Chelsea shares her journey of growth and transformation with the support of the program's community.

They Love It Here

... and you will too!

The Cost of Not Taking Action:

A Wake-Up Call to Embrace Your Power

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with more confidence you will...

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Find the Self-Care You Deserve: Monique's Empowering Experience

Monique found our coaching program perfect for any woman who wants to thrive by doing the inner work. Although the program was challenging, it was worth it. With the guidance of our expert coaches, Monique unlocked her full potential and achieved the self-love and care she deserves. In this testimonial, Monique shares her journey of growth and transformation with our program.

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Unlock your confidence

They Love It Here

... and you will too!

Weekly Group Accountability + Support Video Call With Founder, Britteny Floyd-Mayo

Discover the Life-Changing Power

of the Shi(f)t!

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Get With The Shi(f)t!

Life-Changing Course Content

This is where the good shit is! This course content is the super-condensed, science-back, tried and tested, game-changer content you need. You heard it here first and would need to spend hundreds of hours reading countless books and get coached by the likes of the world’s top mindfulness and therapists.

A Packed Library of Yoga and Mindfulness Tools

Enjoy a library packed full of Trap Yoga with Trap Yoga Bae, Ratchet Meditations™, and Ratchet Affirmations™. Strengthen your mind-body connection in a fun and impactful way.

Weekly Group Accountability + Support Video Call With Founder, Britteny Floyd-Mayo

24/7 community access

Get extra support between sessions, build bonds with like-minded women, and have a place to safely vent and get support as you progress along your journey!